Danielle Powers

Danielle Powers is a PAN Vegan Pledge Organizer in her hometown of NYC. Her journey as an activist began in 2016 when she first participated in direct action campaigning to challenge the subjugation of other animals. Shortly after, with the help of her newfound community and the transformative experiences she gained through engaging in direct action, Danielle became vegan — further prompting her exploration of and inclination to confront the manifold forms of systemic violence that are normalized in society. 

Now, Danielle has taken up work in multiple social justice spheres seeking to bridge movements and empower those within them to critically examine and disrupt all systems of violence, regardless of who it harms. Along with her advocacy for nonhuman animals, Danielle works at an educational nonprofit, supporting underserved public high school students striving to access college; volunteers as a reading tutor at her local public elementary school; organizes with Science for the People, an advocacy network seeking to mobilize the scientific establishment to serve social needs rather than corporate and militaristic interests; and employs her musical background to support local grassroots efforts as a flutist in the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, a radical marching band.