Krystal Valentin

Krystal Valentín is an NYC Vegan Pledge Organizer for the Peace Advocacy Network, as well as a former volunteer mentor for PAN’s 2016 NYC Vegan Pledge. Her passion for animal rights developed in childhood, leading her to become a vegetarian at age nine and a vegan ten years later in 2014. She holds a BA in Psychology from Brooklyn College and currently works at a preschool. Krystal hopes to further her education in the areas of food anthropology and diet/nutrition in order to become a better activist for humans, non-humans, and the environment. In her free time, she frequently volunteers with organizations such as Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and Chilis on Wheels. She can often be found re-watching Frasier on Netflix, listening to true crime podcasts, and studying the art of German longsword.