Vegan Pledge Application - Submission Confirmation

Yes, I understand that being vegan means consuming no animal products at all, for example: meat, cheese, eggs, cow/goat/sheep milk, honey, fish, seafood, gelatin, etc.

Yes, I understand that I am agreeing to go vegan for 30 days starting from the first meeting of the pledge program.

Yes, I understand that I am expected to attend 5 weekly meetings.

Yes, I agree to not eat any animal products during the course of the Vegan Pledge program.

I have read PAN's Liability Waiver
By checking this box, I agree to be contacted about the Vegan Pledge, other opportunities to get involved with PAN and ways to support PAN, and I am showing my clear intention to hereby sign this waiver, affirming the entirety of PAN's Liability Waiver.

I have read PAN’s Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy
I acknowledge that I have received and reviewed PAN’s Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy and agree to abide by it.


No, I'm not actually ready to commit to the 30 day Vegan Pledge program, please sign me up for PAN's e-newsletter to receive recipes and resources instead of joining the program.