Vegan Pledge Mentor Sign-Up

As a Mentor, you play a very important role in the PAN Vegan Pledge Program. For many people, going vegan may be confusing, if not downright overwhelming. Pledges may feel alone and not know who to turn to for help, and as a result, they may find their own efforts unfulfilled and eventually fall back to their old patterns. Experience has shown that those who have been mentored as part of a community have stayed vegan and are happier for it.

We encourage you to be friends to your pledges, to help them out, answer questions, support their efforts, encourage them if they “slip,” give tips from what you’ve experienced, provide direction, lend an ear, offer advice, and refer to other resources as needed.

  • Please check in with your pledges at least once during the week via e-mail or other agreed-upon method; respond promptly to any questions your pledges may have. You are their personal liaison for the program.
  • Please notify PAN if you are unable to reach your pledge. If anything comes up in your life that prevents you from meeting the needs of your pledge such as illness, family issues, work obligations, unexpected travel, etc., please notify PAN as soon as possible so that we can arrange alternate mentoring support for your pledge.

What if you need help? We don’t expect you to have all of the answers. Please feel free to consult with the organizer of your pledge or other mentors if you have any difficulties at any time. While you are here to support your pledge, we are here to support you.

In providing nutritional advice to your pledge, it is great if you can make suggestions for specific nutrients (i.e., great sources of calcium, protein, iron, etc.) if asked, and it is fine to suggest resources for nutrition information. However, please do not make prescriptive suggestions for health issues unless you are licensed to do so.

On a similar note, we all have very different vegan diets. While we certainly want our pledges to be healthy, we also want them to be comfortable and successful in their vegan endeavor. Try to minimize scaring them away from any particular vegan foods that our new vegans might find comforting. It is great to try to help the pledges make good choices, but we need to balance that with an awareness of their needs and how they are adjusting. By all means, though, if your pledge asks specific questions, answer him/her honestly.

PAN promotes complete veganism. Accordingly, the use of animals in any way, regardless of perceived or advertised treatment, is unacceptable, and mentors should never suggest (or concede) to a participant that “humane” animal farming is an acceptable alternative to veganism. On the same note, if your pledge is unsuccessful at any time, remember to treat that individual with kindness and advise for avoiding the same mistake in the future.

We’re all in this together. Let’s make a vegan world!