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We need you!

We rely on vegan volunteers from all over the country to help run our pledge programs from city to city.

There are a range of opportunities for you to get involved:

Volunteer for the Vegan Pledge
Become a Mentor
Join us as a Speaker
Sponsor a Vegan Pledge
Fundraising Opportunities
Raise Awareness

Volunteer for the vegan pledge

Volunteer to organize a new vegan pledge program, helping as many as 30 people go vegan and saving as many as 3000 land animals and countless sea animals. 

Become a Mentor

Mentors commit to pair up with a pledge for the duration of the program and will check in with their pledges via phone, email, etc. on a weekly basis. Mentors must already be vegan and will be able to provide answers and resources to pledges.


Featured speakers each week help and inspire our program members. Come and connect with our pledges and help them adjust to vegan living by telling them a little about your journey.

sponsor a vegan pledge


Sponsor a new vegan and save as many as 100 land animals per year and countless sea animals. A donation of any amount helps another person go vegan with us.


Do you have a vegan product you would like to get into hands of your target consumers? The PAN Vegan Pledge is a great way to get your product out to new vegans; the program is often the first exposure these individuals have to vegan products. Donating items for our care package (or coupons in lieu of perishable items) is a great way to help our pledges and get the word out about your product. Contact Elaine for more information about becoming a sponsor.

Fundraising & Events

In addition to our Vegan Pledge Programs, PAN hosts events several times a year that include everything from pizza parties to Vegfests to magic shows. Follow us on Meetup or Facebook to participate in upcoming events!

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers are an excellent way to show your support for PAN, and we’ve even paired with local shops to offer goodies when you show them your fundraiser!

Raise Awareness

For folks who have engaged in some level of activism, here are some things you can do to mobilize and encourage others to make the world a better place.